Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies
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Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies. Did you play marbles as a kid? Here is your opportunity to play the game that you loved so much again. In this game, you have to hit a series of glass targets without missing. There are also power-ups and refill marbles now and then. If you can successfully hit all the marble refills, you will be able to shoot out several balls at once.

Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

In Smash Hit you’re tasked with getting through the game unscathed by smashing through glass and other obstacles. You’re given a set number of balls in the beginning but it’s up to you to collect more along the way. If you run out, game over. Timing and strategy are key in Smash Hit and that’s where iMore comes in. Here are tips and tricks to earn your furthest distance ever!

Crystals are number one priority

In Smash Hit when you run out of balls, the game is over. Crystals are what replenish your stash of balls so be on the lookout for them. For each one you successfully smash, you get three balls. If you get a streak of 10 crystals in a row you’ll activate multiball mode which automatically shoots out two balls at once, but only docks you for one at a time.

Definitely make sure you look out for pyramid crystals since those give you 5 more balls instead of the standard 3.

Two balls max rule

Two balls are enough to smash through almost any obstacle that stands in your way. Single panes of glass almost always can be destroyed with one, no matter how big they are. Larger blocks may need two in order to make an opening large enough for you to fit through. Waste not, want not. It’s super important to make sure you’re conserving balls whenever you can.

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Smash Hit - Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Save infinite ball rounds until you really need them

Infinite rounds are extremely helpful when you’re running low on balls. Many times it can be the difference between getting a game over and continuing on to rack up lots of balls. I find them extremely useful when you have to take a hit and lose 10 balls on certain obstacles like lasers. Keep using them over and over and you won’t actually lose any of your own balls.

Aim for strings

Every once in a while you’ll see objects like blocks of glass dangling from strings. Don’t waste balls trying to blast through them. Just aim for the string and they’ll simply fall down, and you only burned through a single ball to do it.

Timing is key

In Smash Hit how you time your balls is everything. For instance, when you face windmills, two balls always do the trick but you have to wait until you’re extremely close. Almost right on top of the windmill. Then rapid fire two balls off. This gives you just enough time to slip through, and that’s all you need. You also won’t burn through any time boosters this way.

Leave certain sliding objects alone

Some sliding objects that move back and forth or rotate aren’t ever actually in your way. That means there’s absolutely no reason to waste balls on them. Just leave them be and you’ll pass by them unscathed without wasting a single ball.

Closeup shots

This goes along with tip number 5. Sometimes it’s better to wait until you’re right on top of an object to blast it. This typically means there’s more power behind the shot and an object may require less physical balls. This also applies for items that are dangling and swinging. A closeup shot may be enough to throw it of its course long enough for you to pass by.

Smash Hit - Tips and Tricks

Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks

Improve your checkpoint standings

If you are ever having a hard time advancing to another checkpoint, try going back one. You’ll notice that you start at a checkpoint with however many balls you had when you passed it last. If you had a very low amount, it can make it extremely difficult to advance. Instead, go back and focus on racking up tons of balls. That way it saves over the last time you passed the checkpoint with your new ball count. Then if you die trying to advance you at least have some extra balls in your arsenal to go to battle with.

Always be ready to throw a ball

There are stages where you will suddenly find yourself faced with a wall that appears from the top or bottom, and you have to be quick to break it and not hit it and lose 10 balls. Therefore, always be alert and ready to throw a ball.

Use the super balls/boosts when needed

There’s no point in using the boosts (aka super balls) as soon as you get them and it’s actually a pretty good idea to save them for when they are really needed. The infinite balls (tap an hold to constantly shoot) are extremely useful, but I found little use of the time slowing power-up, while the bomb ball isn’t too useful either, but good when you have sets that have to be destroyed. Learn the super balls and hold onto them for when they really are needed. Also, if you are low on balls, you can use these to get some free balls.

 Learn to aim

Probably the most important Smash Hit tip that can be given is that you should learn how to aim. The physics of the game are really well done, so you should have in mind the trajectory a ball would have in real life. Therefore, for the crystals or obstacles that are way ahead, aim a bit higher and let gravity do the work. In most cases, waiting for the last second to shoot is not the best idea. In most cases, because when we’re talking about moving glass walls, that’s when you should hit – just when you’re about to go through them.

Shoot and forget

My biggest mistake during the first few plays was to shoot and watch the ball go towards its destination. But the best thing to do is to “shoot and forget”: tap the screen to send the ball where you want to and immediately tap the screen again towards a different target, if there’s one. This means that you have to be solid at aiming, but if you can do this, you will get all those crystals and break all the difficult obstacles (like the massive hammers) in no time.

Learn the weak spots

Later on, after the 4th or 5th checkpoint, the real obstacles appear. They do have weak points and there are strategies that work better than others. For example, those squares that are held in for corners are easier to blast through with one wall through the middle than trying to take them down completely by shooting the corners. The hammers require precision as they’re constantly moving, but not all of them will hit you. Try and find the weak spot of every obstacle and you’ll do just great.

Premium for Pros

Smash Hit is amazing and offered for free without ads or any annoying IAPs. However, you can’t save your checkpoints and you will always have to start over from scratch. It’s a good thing for the first few tries as you learn to save as many balls as possible for the later stages, but eventually it will become difficult. So if you want to continue from your last checkpoint and easily get a best distance score, get the Premium version and enjoy this amazing game.

These would be for now our Smash Hit tips and tricks. Do you have other strategies that work for you? Let us know by commenting below!

Smash Hit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies
4.7 (93.85%) 13 votes

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