Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to websites and apps

This policy describes how we treat your personal information on the site. It describes the information we collect from both children and adults. This also applies to the app on our Interact with us, you agree to this practice.

We collect information from users

If users of our site, we can collect information about the browser they use or IP address. We can see that the user came from the website or visited the next site. We may also collect information about user activity or the length of time users stay on our site. If you use the app for your mobile device, we may collect a device ID. We may review the frequency with which you use and where you download this app.

We collect information passively

We use Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to track your traffic. These services use cookies (not a good look) to help us understand our traffic. The information collected is anonymous and not associated with any personally identifiable information. We use this data to understand things such as what pages are available and how long our users stay on our site. This information is only used for internal purposes and is invaluable to us because it tells us what you like and wants more, so we can continue to make Coolmath better. We also very important to be able to understand our traffic, so we know when we need to update our servers! If this information is not available, we have no idea!

We use the information disclosed and described here

We use the information to analyze and improve our products and services. We may use this information to customize our user interaction with us.

We use information for a lesson and game features. For example, we may use cookies to allow users to continue their position within the game.

We use the information for security purposes. For example, we may use the information to protect our company or our users.

We use disclosure or regulatory permission.

We may transfer information to third parties.

We will share information with third parties to provide the service on our behalf. For example, we share information with our site management vendors or provide analysis.

We will share information if we believe we must obey the law or protect ourselves. For example, we will share information to respond to a court order or subpoena. We may share it if the public agency or investigating agency so requests. We may share information while investigating frauds that may occur.

We may share information with any transferee in whole or in part in our business.

We can share information with the company, the present time and the future in our family.

We may share information for other reasons we may describe to you.

Web you can control cookies and tracking tools

Your browser may allow you to control cookies. How you do this depends on the type of cookie. Some browsers may be set to reject browser cookies. To manage these flash cookies, click here. In-app for your mobile device, we can use analysis tools like Flurry for analysis. To learn more about Flurry or not to join or visit here.

Politics is not our way. Some “Not Following” sites let you notify sites that do not follow you. These features are uneven. We do not currently perform signaling. If you block cookies, some features of our site may not work. If you block or reject cookies, not all of the tracking described here will stop.

We use standard security measures.

The Internet is not 100% safe. We can not promise that your use of our site will be completely safe. We recommend using caution when using the Internet. This does not apply to the disclosure of your password. We store personal information as long as necessary or relevant to the practices described in this Policy. We also store information in accordance with the law.

Platforms and children

On the site, we do not collect personally identifiable information for children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or legal guardian and you think your child under 13 has provided us with information, you can email us or write to us.

You can also ask us not to collect personal information about your child or remove information about your child.

We store information in the United States

Information in the United States. If you live outside of the United States, you understand and agree that we may transfer your information to the United States. This site complies with U.S. law, unprotected, as in your country.

We may link to other sites or have third party services on our platform that we do not control.

If you click on a link to a third-party site, you will be taken to a site that we do not control. This includes a social media site. This policy does not apply to third-party security activities. Check out their privacy policy.

We can update this policy.

Sometimes we can change its privacy policy. We will notify you of any material changes to our policies as required by law. We will also post a copy of the updates on our website. Periodically check this page for updates.

Privacy Policy
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