Slam Dunk 2 :Urban Basketball Game 2017

Slam Dunk 2 :Urban Basketball Game 2017
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Download and play Slam Dunk 2: Urban Basketball game on your Android phone now! This basketball shooting game is especially created for people who love to play slam dunk games in urban setting. You don’t need basketball team to play our fun Urban Basketball game. Just be ready to shoot and play. You will feel like a true NBA player as you shoot and play basket ball games!

Urban Basketball

Do you enjoy playing Urban Basketball game? Do you want some FREE basketball games to play anytime? If you do, maybe you want to try out newest Android basket ball game? No running, no passing, just shooting the ball to the basket. This Basketball Game FREE is so much fun to play and you can focus on the part you love most: to do some accurate basketball shoot and get high score for that! You don’t have to be online to play our FREE Urban Basketball game because you can play our game offline. If you like to play real basketball game, this is your chance.

The gameplay of our fun basketball game is pretty simple: drag the ball and release to shoot it. You need to have high accuracy so you can make accurate basketball shoots. Maybe you can use our slam dunk game to practice before you play real basketball on the court. Our basketball game free will certainly improve your skill when you play street Urban Basketball game.

There are 3 gameplay mode in our basket ball game:

1. Arcade Game: In arcade game, you will be given 10 basketballs initially. Then you have to get as high score as possible by shooting accurately and shoot the balls accurately. You will get bonus balls for clearing goals.

2. Time: Make as many shots and gain as many points as possible. You will get bonus time for clearing goals.

3. Distance: You will be challenged to shoot the ball from as far distance as possible. If you fail, we will shorten the distance. Keep practicing and see how far can you shoot the ball accurately?

The key to win this game is to keep practicing and never give up! After you’re playing for some time, you will learn the best way to angle and shoot. Then you can beat any game Mode with your basketball shoot skill!

Share this game to your friends! We are sure your friends will also love our slam dunk game. Practice your basketball shoot and create your own basketball team that will rule the court once you play real street Urban Basketball games.

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Slam Dunk 2 :Urban Basketball Game 2017
5 (100%) 1 vote

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