The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies
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The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies – The Escapists has been a huge hit on console and PC alike, and for very good reason. Team 17 has done a great job of ensuring there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to how best to arrange a prison break. The sheer amount of depth means there’s a lot to take in.

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Basics

You might want to go straight into trying to escape, but that’s not a wise move. Take your time.

Spend the first couple of days in jail just checking the place out. Keep your head down and figure out the daily routine. Stick to it.

Have a look around at what’s going on. Are there any areas where guards don’t tend to hang around? That’s a good place to pursue other options.

Work out what times of the day you tend to be left alone. That’s a key time for plotting your escape.

Stealing a guard’s uniform and wearing it means you can wander around relatively unharmed. It’s not fool proof but it’s a good way of giving you a chance of exploring outside safely.

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies


While you’re looking around at the routine, look out for items.

Items are key to your crafting abilities. You want to keep an eye out for things like duct tape, wires, files, and even cutlery.

Cutlery can be used to chip away at walls, the ground, or even fences.

Learn some basic recipes. Things like cutters can be made by combining two files with duct tape.

Contraband items such as screwdrivers and nunchucks can be detected, leaving you in trouble, unless you’ve crafted a pouch to secrete them in. A pouch involves foil and duct tape, and will help you immensely!

Create a stash area in your cell. Digging an alcove or unscrewing a vent is a good way of creating a hidey hole for your secret items.

Dealing with other prisoners

Other prisoners can be really useful for you. Some have items that you can buy from them, such as screwdrivers or more innocuous looking items.

You can also get tasks from prisoners. Some might reward you for beating up another prisoner, for instance. It’s relatively easy money, providing a guard isn’t around when you hit them.

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Follow the Routine, But Keep Your Eyes Open

Before you can start figuring out how to escape any of The Escapists’ devious prison complexes, you need to know the layout. Follow your daily routine (roll call, meals, gym time, working) for a day or two and take note of where you can go. Where are the contraband scanners? Do any areas appear to be poorly guarded? What kind of barriers are standing between you, and freedom? Which times of day do you have to yourself? These are the sorts of questions you should be looking to answer.

Petty Pilfering

You’ll get nowhere without tools, or items to craft them. Don’t be afraid to use your spare time to loot the desks of fellow prisoners. May as well keep your criminal kills sharp while you’re inside, after all.

Look out for things like duct tape, files, wires and magazines. You can rarely have too many of those items. Don’t overlook the usefulness of plastic forks, spoons and knives from the canteen tray either. Each one of those can be used to slowly chip away at walls (forks,) the ground (spoons,) and fences (knives.) None of the plastic utensils count as contraband, so you can wander around with as many as you can carry, and stash them without concern.

Protect Your Stash

The problem with plastic utensils is that they’re slow and break incredibly easily. Sooner or later you’ll be creating some basic cutters (combine two files and some duct tape) or wandering around with a purchased screwdriver. These things are contraband (denoted by their red item text,) which means if you get caught with them in your possession you’re going to be in trouble. Your stuff will be confiscated, and you’ll probably wind up in solitary confinement for a few days.

Even the early prison levels in The Escapists have contraband scanners here and there, which makes it tricky to carry hot items around with you (unless you can craft a special contraband pouch from foil and duct tape.) Therefore, you need a safe stash.

The Escapists

The Escapists

The contraband scanner means you won’t be bringing any ‘hot’ items in or out of the laundry room without help.

Your cell desk is … not great for this. While you work on something else though, it may be all you have. In order to keep stuff in there safe, pay attention at roll call for which cells are going to be searched. If your name is mentioned, book it to your desk and take out any offending items (it may be necessary to flush things you can’t carry.) Leaving roll call may draw some heat, but it’s better than losing everything.

As soon as possible, set yourself up with a safer stash area. This might be a little alcove where you’ve dug through an out-of-the-way piece of wall and covered the gap with a poster (magazine and duct tape,) or in some vents you’ve managed to unscrew with a screwdriver. Anywhere that already houses a prisoner stash (one of those grey lockboxes) is likely to be good choice. Wherever it is, you need to …

Cover Your Tracks

Guards in The Escapists will notice things like open vents, holes in fences and walls, or anything else seriously out of place around the prison. Somehow, with their superhuman videogame AI, they’ll trace it back to you. This means you need to be smart about keeping any escape routes or item stashes concealed.

As mentioned, holes in walls can most easily be concealed with a poster (created by combining a magazine with duct tape.) Just remove and replace it whenever necessary. As long as you don’t destroy them with cutters (or similar,) vent covers can be replaced quite easily as well. Fake vent covers can be made by combining a pair of paper mache items (themselves made by combining any toilet roll with super glue.) Be careful when using these though, because they degrade each time you remove and replace them.

If you’re working outside (or under) your cell during night hours, then a bed dummy is essential. For this, you’ll need two pillows (nab them from hapless fellow prisoners) and some bed sheets. Just like Alcatraz.

Inside Income

To fund a lot of your enterprises in The Escapists, you may need a steady prison job. Most of the early prisons start you off with one, and the laundry duty you’re given in Center Perks actually provides a prime opportunity to steal a guard’s uniform (as long as you remember to briefly wear it to get around the contraband scanner.)

If you want a better paying job, or one which you think will provide better access to useful tools or locations, you need to get the current job holder fired. The best way to do this is to check the job board (every prison has one somewhere,) find out who your ‘mark’ is and then make sure you’re distracting them during work hours. And by distracting, I mean fighting.

Remember that each job requires a certain level of intellect. You may need to brush up on your reading before you land that coveted metalwork position.

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The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies
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