Review: Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids

Review: Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids
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Review: Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids – I have always loved watching Tom and Jerry the cartoon when I was young and it definitely translates well into a “Street Fighter” style game with a whole range of cool features. Next to Bugs Bunny cartoons, Tom and Jerry was my favorite. I woke up early and stayed up late just to watch the hilarious adventures of the classic duo of destruction. One of Tom and Jerry’s newer incarnations on Warner Brothers is called Tom and Jerry Tales, a show with the same beloved characters, but all-new episodes.

Review: Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids

Of course, a popular kid’s show doesn’t take long to spawn a videogame, does it? Thus, Tom and Jerry Tales came to the handheld platforms… and thus begins my review!

Firstly, there are nine playable characters for you to unlock by playing the Tom and Jerry games story mode with subsequent character’s stories being unlocked as you progress the game. Characters include Spike, Nibbles and Butch. Other things to unlock are the different fighting arenas and special costumes characters will wear on particular levels such as swimming trunks on the beach level.

So what does the game itself involve? After choosing a character to play, you are paired with a series of opponents to beat. At the end of each story mode, there is also a boss- defeating them will finish that particular path and have characters unlocked.

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Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids

Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids

The levels themselves are fully interactive with the environment destroyable (this is infact how you unlock clothes). There are also special weapon picks ups, some you can throw whilst some are permanent whacking weapons dealing heavy damage. There is also an environmental element that comes every so often, such as an avalanche that covers a majority of the arena and freezes you unless you seek a high spot. How you manouvre the level and what to pick up is key to winning.

There are quite a few different moves you can do so learning the controls at the beginning may be a bit difficult. Jump, Punch, Kick, Dodge, Pick Up, Throw, Berserk… with some of those buttons used also for catching thrown items, picking up your opponent and using weapons that you pick up. A bit of practice is definitely needed before facing anyone!

This game is also successful in that it was originally a cartoon and therefore the graphics don’t need to be spectacular. Compared to a game like “Final Fantasy”, the graphics are pretty rubbish but it doesn’t matter. The attention to detail is what makes this game fun and quirky. The animations of the characters when they win and lose reflect well what you might see on the show, which is nice.

Special Note: This review of game for Tom and Jerry is based on the DS version. It does not apply to the Gameboy Advance version of the game.


With Tom’s owner out of the house for the entire day, a disaster is waiting to happen between the infamous cat and mouse rivals. Tom steals all of Jerry’s precious cheese. In retaliation, Jerry makes it his mission to get every ounce of his cheese back… and get Tom kicked out of the house in the process!

Content Guide

Positive Elements

After trying so hard to get Tom kicked out of the house, Jerry comes to realize that he doesn’t have the heart to do it. Despite their intense rivalry, game Tom and Jerry ultimately hug and make up at the end, proving that they really love each other despite their differences.

tom and jerry games

Tom and Jerry games

Spiritual Content



Cutscene Violence. All show-like portions of the game are displayed through interactive cutscenes. Cartoony violence occurs in a whole manner of ways. Tom may land on a stray skate and crash into a tree, be struck in the face with a pool ball, ram into a car, or get his face stuck in a grill. Other cutscenes, shown before and after the actual levels, contain even more slap-stick violence. Tom gets a mousetrap caught on his nose, crashes into a wall, runs into an aggressive dog’s home, and is struck with a broom (to name but a few instances). At the end of each level, whilst the points gained are being totaled up, the player can see Tom being struck by a broom multiple times for the mess Jerry made. All violence is done in a tame, light-hearted manner, and is nothing beyond what you would come across in the actual show.

Gameplay Violence. Jerry can trip and fall flat on the ground if he runs over certain obstacles. If he steps on a tack, he will bounce up and down on one foot for a moment.

Language/Crude Humor

At the end of each level, Tom’s owner can be seen smacking him with a broom while a bubble containing “@*#” is shown. No actual swear words are said, however.

Sexual Content

A few levels show a love-struck Tom hanging around with a female cat. In one scene, Tom tries to kiss her, but Jerry jumps between the two and takes the kiss instead. The female cat also blows Jerry a kiss which causes him to float lightly through the air and land at her side, smitten.

Drug/Alcohol Reference


Other Negative Content

Following the trend of the show, the goal of game Tom and Jerry free is to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible. Jerry will break all sorts of glass and furniture in order to get Tom unjustly blamed for the mess. One of the four level types is a “see-how-much-stuff-you-can-break” game in which Jerry breaks everything he can in order to get the high score. Nothing goes beyond what you would see in an actual Tom and Jerry cartoon. If the show doesn’t bother you, neither will this game.

tom and jerry game

Tom and Jerry game


Tom and Jerry Tales consists of four modes. The main mode is definitely the most enjoyable, and players will certainly come back for multiple plays. The other three modes just don’t create the same enjoyable experience as the main mode, but the player will have to force their way through them in order to progress and collect all the unlockables.

taj4The main mode is a mirror image of the TV show. As Jerry, you race through different rooms in the house while an angry Tom is hot on your tail. As you leap over obstacles to escape Tom’s clutches, you will encounter special interactive cutscenes in which you must perform certain tasks on the touch screen. If done correctly, the combinations will cause humorous after-effects to occur on Tom, and put more space between you and your pursuer. Sadly, Tom and Jerry Tales consists of only six levels and they are all a bit on the short side.

Other modes include a “race-against-the-clock-while-dodging-obstacles” course, a game in which Jerry must fly through rings while maintaining the fuel in his jetpack, and a “beak-everything-that-you-can” game in which Jerry throws cheese at everything breakable. These modes can’t even stand next to the main mode. They are a challenge, providing that it’s the gold medal you’re after. Gold medals require an almost perfect run, so players can expect a decent challenge from these additional modes. Fortunately, the player will only have to play a fraction of these alternate game modes in order to progress through the story. If the player wishes to collect all of the unlockables, however, they will likely return to these three modes again and again to get the high score.

The central hub of the game is Jerry’s mouse hole, a place for players to set their rewards. Rewards can be collected throughout the game in the form of presents found during levels, or won by getting the gold medals in the alternate game modes. Rewards consist entirely of odd trinkets that Jerry can add to his home. The player will also collect upgrade points that they can use to improve furniture and objects already in Jerry’s house.

Tom and Jerry Tales is a very short game. It can be beaten in less than an hour if the main story is your focus. Collecting all of the upgrades will take awhile longer, but not too much longer. Younger gamers will have a bit of a harder time beating the game than veteran gamers will, but Tom and Jerry Tales will likely prove short even for them.


As far as graphics are concerned, Tom and Jerry Tales maintains a cartoony style reminiscent of the show. Character models are nicely 138189_lscreen_1crafted and move realistically. Minor graphical problems, such as unmovable fingers and the occasional shaky texture, do occur, but they are nothing to be overly irritated about.

Tom and Jerry Tales only contains a handful of different tracks. Each level contains the same music, no matter which mode you are playing. While the music is not obnoxious, and is actually a bit catchy, it does lack a wide-ranged assortment. It is, however, very appropriate for the game.

In a game where the characters don’t talk, sound gets the most emphasis. Fortunately, Tom and Jerry Tales is well done in this area and borrows many cartoony noises from the show. Tom and Jerry’s trademark screams and goofy sounds all hit home.

As a long-time fan of Tom and Jerry, I had a lot of fun playing Tom and Jerry Tales. The main mode levels were a total blast and the touch-screen interaction was quite inviting. Sadly, a lack of levels makes this game lose a lot of glory and fun, which is a shame because it had great potential. Had Tom and Jerry Tales contained more levels, all of them styled after the main mode, the game would have been hard to put down.

That being said, Tom and Jerry Tale’s one or two hours of gameplay may seem like a bit of a rip-off… if you paid $20 for it. If you find this game somewhere for a bargain, and you’re a fan of the duo of destruction, I suggest you pick it up. Content-wise, Christians should have practically nothing to worry about, especially if they watch the show on TV. While more franchise-minded gamers will probably pass this one up, die-hard fans of the show will want to check out the Tom and Jerry Tales video game for a few hours of cat-and-mouse fun.

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Review: Tom and jerry cartoon games for kids
5 (100%) 1 vote

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