Top 4 Frizzle fraz returns in an underwater adventure

Top 4 Frizzle fraz returns in an underwater adventure
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Frizzle fraz returns in an underwater adventure. Help the creature bounce along, avoiding the dangers of the deep and searching for its lost children.

New Red Ball 2

Red Ball game continues from when the primary new frizzle fraz sport turned into completed. but first tiers are approximately studying new talents with pink ball. you’ll love purple ball. you’ll find new levels with extraordinary platform recreation system. in this sport purple ball can use new capabilities like bomb, shield and jet-force. pink ball might be the usage of a bomb similar like vintage arcade metroid-sport`s bomb. Ball bomb can spoil some partitions and ball bomb can thrust red ball to air.


Beside that frizzle fraz can use shield, protects him from spikes and lasers. pleasant new characteristic is jet-force makes purple ball quicker. good for thrusting heavy rocks and appropriate for pushing red ball from gaps. and you will use new crimson-helper, flying round and accumulating items that excessive to take. pink ball will visit visit exclusive planets. In that journey to saving purple ball from aliens, you will enjoy new game experience and new creatures. bounce collectively and pass throught new worlds.

First ranges is simple for little youngsters, however after level-10 it’s getting complicated. And after that it’s hard to manipulate for small childs. We evolved new touch joystick machine to provide you second manipulate alternative. along with your left thumb finger you could use factor controller that activated whilst your first touch to the screen , then pass your finger to head left and right. On the other aspect you’ll use your right thumb finger to apply soar, bomb, jet-force, defend. You may see that options and try them from “how to Play” scene. change it from settings menu and attempt. In that scene try to jump and jet-force collectively.


Bo Balloony and his venture: Dr. Blimp, diabolic and suggest, captured Bo´s lady friend during a diabolic and mean assault. Bo feels devastated and desires to get her returned… Do you’ve got the braveness to assist him out?

Irrespective of what you do: do not POP!!!

I have no doubt! you are the only who will repair peace to the frizzle fraz global. It´s no clean adventure, though. you have to leap, roll and puzzle your way through 4 fantastic worlds, beat a megalomaniac foe and make the impossible viable!


Becoming the frizzle fraz-master? That’s an smooth task! actually use this game´s intuitive controls: you may roll, jump or even double-soar by using the usage of your thumbs. turns out… that´s quite a handy manner to journey through degrees and get on your big name-Rocket at the end of each stage.

Of direction, considering the fact that Dr. Blimp is mean, very suggest, there can be a few humps on your manner. He’s equipped his army with spikes, imply spikes… we adore Pop-music, but on this recreation the sound of a popping Bo Balloony is what you want to avoid…

So yeah, there may be many distinctive enemies and of direction you’ll hit a few snags, however there´ll additionally be many accessible objects in order to help your case. So don´t be shy and attempt objects like trampolines, wind-streams, magnetic partitions, switches and and and… Of route there’s a manner to fry a number of those suggest, spiky creatures as properly… 😉

Like Bo, we´re on a massive adventure growing this game frizzle fraz. For us it´s very essential to supply a unique revel in for definitely absolutely everyone.

So please preserve us rolling and assist us with a 5-superstar rating.

Suggestions, questions, malicious program-record? we might welcome any remarks with open hands!

So! What are you watching for?

Revel in

  • A brand new bounce and Run Hero!
  • The maximum addicitve jump and Run to be had!
  • Leap, roll, fly and electrify your way thru threat on this journey!

My Dolphin Show

Her dolphin and dolphin coaches are ready to impress the audience with their performance in clear water. This is not a small aquarium but a great show like when you watch in Sea World or other water parks.

No internet and wifi needed to play this game frizzle fraz. You can play without wifi!

Here are the things that your dolphins can do: beach volleyball, jumping through donut rings, crossing obstacles, splashing water, jumping through the ring, scoring goals, picking up cue, pinata beat, aerobatics, water walking, wood ball rolling, basketball, love kissing, golfing, volleyball, catching fish from trainers, water ring, polishing, ringing and More fun fun.


There are 39 fun costumes / aquatic animal / pet:
Cheerleader, ghost, pink dolphin, clown fish, banana, lobster, zebra, crocodile, princess, shark, tiger, turtle, diving suit, wedding dress, fairy, polar bear, dog wolfs, sea lions, celebrities, angels, whales, Hawaiian skirts, Devils, silver dolphins, mermaids, Santa Claus, frogs, super dolphins, penguins, hippos, golden dolphins, seahorses, rainbow dolphins, sparkling dolphins and more.

The game frizzle fraz has 72 tables and more tables to come. You will perform at the following venues:
Hawaii, Yachts (love yachts), Las Vegas, theme parks, water theme parks.

Strive for the Olympic gold medal and swim through the coral reef, winning 3 gold stars in every show!

Free downloadable games. This is a family game suitable for children (both boys and girls) and adults. You are never too old to play with the frizzle fraz.

You do not need Wifi to play, and you can continue to play offline everywhere: on the train, on the bus, or even on the plane. Please install and open the game once, and now you can play offline!

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob wishes your help once more! subsequently absolutely unfastened version!

As in the original recreation frizzle fraz virtually crawls onwards no matter the state of affairs. And your activity is to press buttons, transfer levers, circulate systems and set off different machines to not deliver Bob to perish or be wolfed throughout his adventure.

Snail Bob 2 is good for gamers of all ages and abilties. This is a superb and funny sport, which makes rack your mind but won’t spoil it and really makes you smile 🙂


  • 120 degrees spread across four unique worlds
  • Dressing Bob in tons of various outfits and hats (you may even get dressed up him in Pixel, After shower and
  • Dragon costumes)
  • Locate all hidden stars and jigsaw portions (many hidden objects on levels)
  • Outstanding own family puzzle perfect suitable for children and for adults, and additionally to play together
  • Sequel of the famous net-game frizzle fraz that has been played over one billion instances!
Top 4 Frizzle fraz returns in an underwater adventure
5 (100%) 2 votes

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