Taps Dragons – Clicker Heroes fight between monsters and dragons

Taps Dragons – Clicker Heroes fight between monsters and dragons
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Imagine role playing Clicker heroes with thousands of levels and tons of unique monsters and dragons. Touch the screen to hit the monsters and press the special button to open up your extraordinary abilities. Kill the evil legions and become the real dragon hunters. Do not stop pressing and be the hero in this epic battle against the monsters and dragons. The most idle RPG, full of heroes, giants, dungeons and dragons. If you like level up games, Faucets & Dragons are the best option. Conflicts with the Lord of the Dragons in an epic battle to the death.


The thin barrier separating the Clicker heroes dragon world from reality has been broken and evil creatures invaded the world. Help Yumi, the mysterious ninja, to become the heroine of mankind defeating all the dragons, giants and monsters his way. Can you raise as a dungeon hunter in this idle fantasy game?

The best tapes game, role-playing game and full of epic adventures and legendary battles. Hire a band of heroes and lead them through the legendary battles against dragons and giants. Monsters and robots, witches and warriors, elves and dwarves … Choose the heroes for your fellowship and go to the battlefield. Kill all the enemies with your sword and get coins to level up and increase the power of your magic skills.

An evil clan of scary dragon Clicker heroes of the village with their claws and fire, your mission is to save the world and become the god of war! With the help of brave knights and mighty mages you can summon throughout the course, defeat all the demons and dragons and restore order in the world. Click to attack, hit to collect gold, click to catch the dragon eggs and click to hire heroes for your troops. Touch to action, touch to release powerful skills and touch to achieve victory.

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Upgrade your equipment and your skills and increase the damage you make every time you touch the screen. Be a real treasure hunter to gain the coins and rewards from each dragon. Loot every dungeon for the chest full of gold! Be wary and catch as many dragon Clicker heroes  eggs as you can, because of their inside, you can find gold, magic boost and many surprises. Destroy the terrorific creatures by pressing and clicking on the screen. Power is at your finger!



  • Tons of enemies: dragons, giants, monsters, souls, knight skeletons, devil types, giants, elves … Can you defeat them all?
  • Kill monsters by hitting and robbing their treasures, grabbing gold and exploring the new world.


  • Up Yumi Ninja, your heroine, to grow stronger! No Role Playing Game.
  • Increase your weapons, magic and equipment. Sharpen your sword and hit the armor, the fight against the dragons has come.


  • Advance through tons of adventure filled to prove your skill.
  • Increased game progress and easy to play, just touch the screen with one finger.
  • Great epic fantasy scenarios with beautiful and colorful details and lighting effects.


  • Hire powerful warriors and wizards and level them up, each with unique skills.
  • Grow your band members and achieve save the world from evil evil dragons.
  • Dwarves, elves, humans, mythical creatures, robots … You choose your followers.


  • Try this unique and uniquely unique feature of the two heroes in one, making your band invincible.
  • Blend the power of a warrior with the power of a wizard, or it can be the agility of a rogue with the divine skill of an angel.

What would be the next great combination? Let’s play this game Clicker heroes right away!

Taps Dragons – Clicker Heroes fight between monsters and dragons
5 (100%) 1 vote

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