Top 5 Digging Games on Android Free

Top 5 Digging Games on Android Free
4.7 (93.33%) 3 votes

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Humans have mined for valuable resources for thousands of years, inventing increasingly sophisticated means of delving below the earth’s core.

As well as digging being pretty darned handy for the advancement of civilisation, there’s an undeniable sense of adventure to exploring the depths of our battered old earth.

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that we like to play games about digging, as this list of the Top 5 digging games free on Android will hopefully show.

We hope you – ahem – dig it.

1. Digging games: Minecraft – Pocket Edition


The name says it all, really. Before you can craft your extravagant dream house, epic castle, or theme park, you must mine for resources. That’s the concept at the heart of Minecraft, and the game’s enduring popularity suggests that it’s a sound one.

2. Terraria


Terraria is all about sky’s-the-limit building in an open-but-hostile world. However, you have to hack your way down into the earth for the necessary raw materials. Whether you’re swinging a pickaxe or setting explosives, digging  in Terraria is a joy.

3. Mines of Mars

Mines of Mars is a bit like Gem Miner, but with a moodier and more sophisticated sci-fi setting. It’s all about guiding your spaceman to ever greater depths in the name of cold futuristic capitalism. Hurrah!

4. Gem Miner 2


Gem Miner 2 is a 2D dig games adventure with a pleasantly breezy tone. Guide your miner through a branching network of tunnels, digging out gold, re-routing water, and avoiding cave-ins.

5. Digging games: Micro Miners


This delightfully oddball game is like a cross between Where’s My Water? and Lemmings. So, yeah, you guide your crew of miners to a series of underground treasures. It’s a strategy game with plenty of depth. Sorry.

Top 5 Digging Games on Android Free
4.7 (93.33%) 3 votes

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