Dig to china – Walkthrough and Review – crazy games

Dig to china – Walkthrough and Review – crazy games
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Dig to China – Walkthrough, and Review – crazy games

Instructions game dig to China:

This game has a mouse and keyboard controls (but I think the mouse controls are better). With mouse controls, move your mouse around and your character will dig in that direction. With the keyboard, use the arrow keys to control your digging direction.

Dig into the earth and collect as many resources as you can before time runs out. Look out for clocks which will give you more time. Spend your resources to buy upgrades to dig faster, and see how deep you can go.

Dig to china

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Review players dig to China:

XxPREDATOR327xX: I enjoyed the game very much. For whatever reason, I have always been attracted to games like this and I always like it when these kinds of games come out right. One thing I would like more of is an extensive upgrade system. Keep adding to it and keep making games.

Ghariffe: When you get to China, you fall back down your hole. I am trying to bomb my way all the way through so I fall all the way back home. Haven’t done it yet. Those moles keep screwing me up, but I am determined.

ImaLeadFarmer: Hmm didn’t really take long to get to China, only bought 3-time upgrades, 2 pick upgrades, 1 drill, and 1 mole. On the final run, I had saved up 10 bombs, and that was enough to get through the middle, once you’re on the other side its almost an automatic win.

Totality: When I hover over “Titanium” in the shop it has a typo (titanium). Although this is a really good game!

Kangaman234: “Mining”, okay “Pixel”, well, duh “Upgrades”, of course “Keyboard Only”, yes “5 Minute”… Really??? if someone got this in 5 MINUTES… just… wow…

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Dig to china – Walkthrough and Review – crazy games
5 (100%) 2 votes

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