How to play Mass Effect 3 Steam

How to play Mass Effect 3 Steam
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Introduction Mass Effect 3 Steam

Hi everyone!
I gonna share the really simple solution how to play Mass Effect 3 Steam. But I apologize for my wild English in the first place. The English isn’t my native language. However, if you have some questions feel free to ask me. I’ll try to help or fix my text.

Mass Effect 3 Steam

Also I must say I know my guide about third part of the game mostly. But here – on the Steam – there is the other guides about Mass Effect 3 Steam, too. Also all parts of the game are connected. And I believe there are many people who have Mass Effect 1 on Steam. And these people want to play Mass Effect 3 Steam. I believe I could help.

In the meantime I wrote the one guide about in Russian. But my that new guide isn’t a translation to English. I speak about the same subject. But I use the other words and I mean slightly shades.

Also I have to thank my friend called Deadpooh!?. He is the man that taught me playing Origin games on Steam.

Action plan Mass Effect 3 Steam

If you have first part of the game you would looking other game’s parts, especial Mass Effect 3 Steam. But what is a Reapers plot? Third legendary part of the game is missing on Steam at the moment. If you want play it you must buy this one in the other store by Electronic Arts. Then you must to play it by application called Origin. Is not comfortable if you used to Steam, isn’t? But mostly terrible part of this you can’t do screenshots in Origin. You can get only black square like deep space even you put PrntScr. You can use other programs for screenshots anyway. But is so boring.

But as I said there is the simple solution. I guess you have Origin account with Mass Effect 3 of course. Now you can to attach it.

You need just open your Steam menu: Games -> Add a Non-Steam game to my library. Also you can use the option Add a game in left low corner. Then you must choice Origin itself. Not Mass Effect 3 Steam! If you add ME3 you can to play doubtless. But you can’t do screenshots. So, you know what you do.

You create the Origin’s shortcut in your Steam library. Then you need just start it. And you can play Mass Effect 3 Steam from the shortcut.

If you do it you see a wonder. You can press famous F12 and Tab+Shift. It’s working!

But the screenshots would marked as belong to odd Origin application, not the game.

Look, you can do any screenshots from other Origin games you have by the way. But there is a option to more effect of Mass Effect. If you not planning to download others screenshots yet, you can just RENAME YOUR SHORTCUT.

Choice the Origin shortcut in your Steam library. Choice Properties. And write Mass Effect 3 instead Origin. Also you can choice icon. Well done.

Now you have Mass Effect 3 on Steam. When you start the shortcut your friends will see that you playing Mass Effect 3 Steam. Your screenshots would marked as belong Mass Effect 3.

When you finish the game session, you have close Origin too. It’s more than just left the game menu. As far as know Origin is still remain activity even you close a game. You need looking to right low corner of your screen. You’ll find the Origin insignia, click it by right button of your mouse and choice Close.

And you see newly screenshots you created on the game session. So you can create all screenshot you want, write a description, mark it as spoilers and download them to your Steam Cloud.

Your screenshots would lay within Steam folders on your computer as usual.

If you didn’t close Origin after your game session maybe it would ok. Most likely. But be careful, if it could break your computer in some unlucky orbital cycle.

Of course you play Mass Effect 3 Steam from the shortcut and from your Origin account. It’s not cause any trouble with your saves. Neither troubles with Downloaded content of ME3. Because you don’t change some files. You can just use the shortcut and no more.

However your friends only can see these screenshots in your Activity. Also the screenshots could be approachable in your Steam Profile.

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How to play Mass Effect 3 Steam
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