Hero vs square

30/11/2017 , 171 Lượt chơi

Let’s explore the new lands with our hero in Hero vs square game right now. This is one of the most addictive games on mobile for all players in the world. Our hero is on a mission and your task is to help hero overcome the path as far as possible. To do that, you need to resize the falling square and drop it to the hole at the right time to make the path and move to the next side. The rotating squares are difficult challenges for players, however, if you can beat these challenges, you will get more points. Good skills of precision and reaction will help you get the high score in this game. If the square is too small, hero will fall into the trap, if it is too big, hero has no way to move. Try to conquer the path and then unlock different heroes such as ninja, doctor, astronaut and more. This game surely gives you the interesting experiences in your free time. Give it a try and have fun with this Hero and square game!

Game features:

– Pretty good performance on all browsers.

– Simple to play with just one touch control.

– This game is free to play and download

– Different heroes to unlock, many challenges to conquer.

– Suitable for all ages.

– Endless gameplay

How to play hero vs square game:

–        Use the mouse or touch screen (for mobile) to control the game.

–        Press and hold to resize the falling square and release to drop the square into the gap to help your hero pass to the other side. You have only one life, so don’t let your hero fall into the trap.

– Rotating squares are given to make the game more challenging and attractive. It is more difficult to overcome these squares, however, you will get more points for that.

Some images in Hero vs square game:

Hero vs square game

Hero vs square game

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