5 new ways to enjoy cool games minecraft

5 new ways to enjoy cool games minecraft
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Hello! Sophia here! I found 5 tips on how to enjoy cool games minecraft and then I edited them. I hope you play these games!!!

cool games minecraft


As a kid, EVERYONE played the game where you weren’t allowed to touch the floor/ground. You had to use pillows, chairs, rocks, logs, and anything else in your environment to keep you from touching the imaginary lava beneath you. The joys of this childhood game can be relived in Minecraft. First, gather the materials you’ll need to start playing. Give yourself 10 minutes to prepare. Once the time is up, you have to stay off the ground. The “lava” is Dirt, Grass, Stone, Water, and every other typical surface. Anything that can be crafted is allowed to be stood upon. Cobblestone, Wood Planks and Lily Pads are all great materials to keep your feet from burning up. Make sure you collect the blocks behind you as you’ll run out of materials eventually! For a more relaxed setting try playing on Creative and use fancy blocks such as Diamond Blocks as your stepping stones.


Your goal in Colonization is to lay claim to as many islands as possible. Build a structure on each island you find and take over the world. Once one island is claimed, move on to another.

Find a seed that is mostly covered in water. I recommend the seed “The Best Seed” for both Xbox and PC. On the Xbox 360 Edition It doesn’t have a single tree on it, but it has a bunch of small islands. If you’re playing on Xbox I recommend starting the seed in Creative Mode and giving yourself all the materials you’ll need to conquer the world. Give yourself Tools, Beds, Torches, Wood, and Boats.

This Game Changer becomes even more interesting while playing with friends. Try colonizing more islands than the other players! Choose a material to represent your nation. Join forces to take down other nations. After a while it becomes a big game of blocky Risk.


The vikings were ruthless. They would destroy villages by burning them down, killing the inhabitants and stealing the loot. You can be just like them with this Game Changer. Hunt for Villages and take them down the old fashioned way. Make yourself a Flint and Steel to assist you in becoming an arsonist. Once there are no Villagers left, loot the ruins and move on to the next one.
Playing with friends makes this Gamer Changer significantly more entertaining as you can charge Villages in a pack and take them down in no time flat.


With Caffeine Buzz you are never allowed to sleep in a Bed. While this doesn’t pose too much of a problem later on when you have a lot of materials, early on in the game night time can be quite dangerous. Some people skip the night whenever they can by sleeping through it, but you’re not like that. You’re strong! You don’t need sleep! Prepare your shelters fast, as you’ll be spending a lot of time huddling inside them in the fetal position, sucking your thumb and begging your mommy for the scary monsters to stop staring at you through your window.


A significant part of Minecraft involves placing blocks and mining blocks. With the Environmentalist Game Changer you are not allowed to do either. This forces you to use your environment wisely, especially when the sun goes down. You can collect as many materials from Mobs and Trees as you want and craft whatever you please, but don’t even think of dropping a block down or breaking through a wall. Torches, Ladders, and other items are allowed to be placed, so scaling cliffs will require some preparation.
If you’re hardcore you can play this without breaking any trees. Alternatively you can give yourself the necessary tools before you start the Game Changer.

Explore your environment and never stop moving. This is your chance to enjoy the beauty of randomly generated worlds.

5 new ways to enjoy cool games minecraft
4 (80%) 2 votes

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